Crypto futures calculator

How to Use the Crypto Futures Calculator:

  1. Select Trading Pair:
    • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to trade from the “Coin” dropdown. The default is Bitcoin (BTC).
    • Select the currency you want to calculate profits in from the “Currency” dropdown. The default is US Dollar (USD).
  2. Set Trading Direction:
    • Use the toggle switch to select your trading direction. “Long” for buying, “Short” for selling.
  3. Enter Trade Details:
    • Specify the leverage you plan to use.
    • Input your initial investment amount (chosen currency).
    • Enter the entry price for your trade (chosen currency). Default is the asset’s current price.
    • Provide the exit price for your trade (chosen currency).
  4. Review and Calculate:
    • Verify all input details.
    • Click the “Calculate” button to see the potential profit or loss for your trade.
    • The result will be displayed, indicating the amount and currency of potential profit or loss.
  5. Additional Information:
    • The tool fetches the latest price of the selected cryptocurrency every 5 minutes.
    • You can change the trading pair and currency anytime to recalculate potential profits.
  6. Notifications:
    • In case of errors or issues, a notification will appear at the top. Check for any error messages and ensure your inputs are accurate.

Feel free to reach out for any assistance or clarification by contacting Happy trading!

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