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My Mission

A few years ago, when I started learning to program, I was using tutorials. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to learn and could not imagine that the people giving the tutorials ever started inexperienced like me. It seemed to me that they are smarter and I will never reach their level.

Today programming in different languages and paradigm has become second nature. I do work on way more complex projects than I ever could have imagined. When tutoring my colleagues, they must have the same impression I once had, because they only see the current moment, not the long step-by-step process which made me the software developer I am today. I do regret that I never documented my way until today, because I think would help others keep grinding.

Now I am in a similar situation, I want to reach financial freedom through diverse investments (crypto for example), passive income streams, and trading. There is a lot to learn, I do feel exactly like back then when I started coding.

So: my mission is to inspire and empower readers to attain financial freedom. By sharing my journey and lessons learned through informative and engaging content. I offer valuable resources and tools to help my community succeed. I share my projects and how they have evolved, so you can observe my growth and hopefully apply it to your own path to success.


Explore the key topics that make up this blog. I share my insights and experiences on software development, cryptocurrency, passive income, trading, and more.

Learn how these tools can help you achieve financial freedom and follow my journey to success.

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passive income