How procrastination kills your passion

This post will show you how fast you can slide into procrastination and how it will affect your pursuit of your passion. I will show you how I overcame it and which method I will employ in the future to avoid losing sight of my passion even if I am short on time.

What triggered my Procrastination

Here we are again! More than a month ago, I created this post. Announcing I will share my journey as a trader. I did have a hard time trading. But I was committed to keeping you guys up-to-date. So I started writing the follow-up post. I intended to brief you on the results and show my strategies and the lessons learned from trading crypto futures. After finishing the first two parts of the post, I began to hesitate. I learned a lot in the first month of trading, not spot anymore but, futures.

I had to decide which lesson to pick. It made me procrastinate for some reason. I started second-guessing myself if I was in a position to teach you something. Soon after my full-time job took a lot of my resources. Every time I had a window to finish the post, I had a lot of resistance which got worse by the day. Additionally, I wanted to continue trading in the little time I got.

Fast forward, I lost almost two months. With this post, I want to share the trap into which I stepped, and how fast I lost track of pursuing what I am passionate about.

I am sure that I am not qualified to teach anybody anything about trading, but that wasn’t my intention in the first place. All I want to do is what I do right now, sharing my journey of becoming wealthy with you. These last two months are just another (far too long) step on that journey, I just need to learn from it. 

How I Overcame procrastination

I take from this, that I will break these cycles as fast as possible by ‘just doing it’. Just starting to write this little post did remove the negative feelings and created excitement for my projects again. Starting to do something productive even if it’s little, not trying to make it perfect, can create momentum, leading to you doing more than expected. It will free you from overthinking.

Additionally, I will include my writing in my routine. I am not yet sure how but I will regularly upload content even if it’s just a little piece like this one. If you like to study more on how to beat procrastination have a look at this video of Matt D’Avella. I enjoy his content a lot.

My long-due post will air soon.

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